Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Canadian Checkerboard - Part 3

Here is my final Canadian Homesteading map. Moose Jaw Land District.
It is not as colorful as the Northern Alberta map but is similarly effusive about the quality of the land.
Like the previous map each grid cell is a square mile section.
There is not much topographic change here so the "mountains" really stand out.
This map was accompanied by a Saskatchewan Railway Guide
One of the interesting things about this is the ads along the edge for sheaf loaders, livestock brokers, mattresses and overalls.

The back of the map has a yellow detailed map showing ownership of quarter sections around Hodgeville. 
 The apparent purpose of this map is to advertise gopher poison.
 "$276,000 worth of grain sown on the land in this map was destroyed by gophers. My own Gopher Poison will save this year's crop. Get a package either from your council or dealer. Cheapest poison obtianable when you count results. Made only by ANTON MICHELSON COMPANY, Ltd, Winnipeg."

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