Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Santiago Wins the Cup!

There are more Canadian Homesteading maps but I'm taking a break this week to share some exciting news for Santiago residents and loyalists - you won the Transit Maps World Cup! Here is the winning map.
Some delicious downtown detail.
It's a clean and simple map but more than that, it benefited from a huge push on social media. A quote from the Transit Maps article.
Without a doubt, this win was engineered by a huge social media blitz within Chile which mobilized a large number of people to vote for “their” map. I don’t really think that the Metro itself was entirely responsible for this, as the groundswell of support started more organically than that and only spread to the Metro Twitter account in full for the semi-final and final. The Chilean Ministry of Transportation also got involved, and even the Mayor of Santiago tweeted about it. If that wasn’t surreal enough, Channel 13 produced a four-minute news report about the final result, and the tournament also got coverage in local press. No other city came close to matching the passion and word-of-mouth that Santiago produced, though Vancouver and Sao Paulo also had some good social media efforts.
I thought this competition had turned into a bit of a popularity contest but I didn't expect this result. Here are the final brackets.

more on the competetion here

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