Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Detroit's Urban and Interurban Charms

Before becoming the nation's center of auto manufacturing, Detroit had an extensive urban and regional transit system. The Detroit United Railway, a consolidation of various streetcar and regional railways produced some gorgeous panoramic maps.
via Reddit
A version of this 1920 map from the David Rumsey Map Collection allows you to zoom way in and really see the nice details.
This version only has the panoramic map section. Another version on Reddit shows the whole map complete with the title block,
and descriptions of the points of interest and "nature's interurban charms."
Here's the view from Port Huron spotlighting some more rural parts of the region and a nice title block.
A less panoramic, but still charming map of the entire system area from 1913 can be found and purchased on Cameron Booth's Transit Maps web site. The above map is also for sale there.
I like the ships and fonts.
While you're vacationing through the interurban charms of southeastern Michigan, you may want to stay at the Hotel Fort Wayne. It is conveniently located at the cirner of Cass & Temple in the middle of everything as this map (via Detroitography) shows.
A zoomed in view shows the proximity to the theaters, transit and City Hall

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