Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Hysterical Map of South Carolina

Not to be confused with the Lindgren Brothers maps (one is featured on this blog post) this "hysterical map" predates them a bit. 

This map was drawn by Irving Geis (born Geisburg), a New Yorker with family roots in South Carolina. He spent time in that state as an art student before becoming a scientific illustrator. The map first appeared in the 1932 edition of the University of South Carolina's yearbook. The above image is from a much later third edition. The original had less color but more prohibition jokes - note the liquor bottles lining the 12 mile coastal limit.

Image via Barron Maps

Like the Lindgren maps, these maps are full of puns and caricatures that might not hold up very well today. I'm not sure what the Iodine issue is in the image at the top but it was in the cows and the vegetables. Some nice touches include the magnetic/pathetic north arrow,

the ancestor worshiper, "not dead (unfortunately)",

and the non-angel in the upper left corner.

The scale of the map is listed as 5 miles to the gallon and the politicians are sleeping outside the Capitol Building in Columbia. You can view the third edition here

It is not clear how much the Lindgren Brothers may or may not have taken their ideas from this map but they are very similar-as seen here.

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