Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Abortion Bans

As a result of Friday’s Supreme Court power grab immediate abortion bans have gone into effect in numerous states with many more to follow soon*. 

Map via New York Times
In many cases these bans are without exceptions for the mother's health (very pro-life) or for rape or incest. This puts these states on an equal footing worldwide with a tiny handful of countries in Central America, Africa and Iraq.

Map via NBC Chicago

*Exact numbers are tricky with a number of lawsuits still pending.

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Anonymous said...

Supreme court decision actually makes it possible for states to go either way.

Per the decision, states are free to expand rights to abortion beyond current as well.

I am not aware of any that have tried it yet, but states could, if they thought it was politically viable, enshrine a right to post-birth abortion (live birth infanticide), and it could be legal, assuming the penal code was adjusted to match.