Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Earth Transit

 Earth Transit is a project by Zhaoxu Sui showing the major passenger rail lines of the world.

In his own words "This is the beta version, which means a lot of errors and mistakes could be on the map, please give me corrections and suggestions so that I can improve." Lines are color coded by railway companies. The ambition of this is huge and at this scale it is not possible to show all railway lines in places as dense as Europe,

or maybe China.

There is not an obvious link but you can download a high resolution image by clicking on the picture and saving it or from this link. It's fun (for people like me anyway) to pan around and see what the railway network looks like in places like Central Asia (nice mountains!),

southern Africa,

 and Cuba.

Here are the railways I know and love in my part of North America.
More on the project here. Enjoy!

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