Thursday, May 25, 2006

MOTW #31

Another set of maps from the Lori Napoleon collection Her description:
"Providence, Rhode Island.

This amazingly illustrated map was one of the many maps that were submitted to me at the Psy-Geo Provflux, held at the steelyard seen on the left. Art exhibits/installations were spread throughout the entire lot; an adobe hut, a greenhouse, many rooms and nooks inside the warehouse. The space that i was given to do my maps installation was a wonderful, musty room with exposed brick walls and a long industrial sink in the center. I affixed my collection according to different categories all around this room, and spent the entire night - (complete with numerous coffee/processed food breaks) and on to the morning, completing the installation. I became really immersed in that room and felt very at home with the freedom to create and arrange, all while the other PIPsters worked aduously on the cleaning, arranging, and painting of the exhibition spaces. the amount of work and care put into the show was incredible, and i am lucky to have been able to be a part of it, to go to Providence where this map originated from. Highlights on the map include the steel mill, some neighborhood architecture, and a very interesting public interference on college hill. "

Here's another from the same exhibit showing the way to the "Mafia Gym"