Friday, July 29, 2011

Map of the Weekend-Riding the Hubway

Yesterday Boston finally caught up to Washington, DC and Minneapolis and started a bike share program - the Hubway. They have an interactive map showing the stations and availability of bicycles at each one.

Currently the system serves limited areas but they plan to expand it into Cambridge, Somerville and other neighborhoods in Boston. I have not had a chance to try it out yet (as I did in Montreal - see the comments section from this post) but the Boston Globe did and posted this somewhat unfair article where they raced it against the subway and a taxi. In addition to the indirect route the bicyclist took, she also needed to purchase a membership pass. I've cycled on those streets and find it hard to believe that it would take half an hour to get from the library to Bobby Orr. Anyway the graphic is well done.

If you're in town give it a ride. The streets are not ideal for cycling but it's still the best way to see a new place or get a new perspective on a familiar one.


Anonymous said...

Google Maps' biking directions feature gives a much better route and estimates the time for the trip at 14 minutes. Not really a fair contest when the biker, by her own admission, doesn't know where she's going.

Dug said...

14 minutes = win the race
30 minutes = dubious reportage