Wednesday, July 13, 2011

South Sudan- A Work in Progress

The new Republic of South Sudan is quickly finding its way onto world maps but you may want to wait another week or two before purchasing your next wall map. Here is the new nation with it's name incorrectly specified on National Geographic's "Executive" Africa Map on my iPhone - it appears the same way on the wall map.

However, the classic map hasn't received the new nation yet.

Unless you have the iPhone app where it appears on the map but not yet in the list of countries:

 Good luck South Sudan. We'll get you on the map correctly soon-probably more quickly than any previous country.


GeoGeek said...

Reminds me of the old political cartoon from around 1990, with a bunch of people standing around a map table looking very anxious/animated. The caption read, IIRC, "In the Rand McNally situation room."

Sadly, I can't find a copy online, and I'm sure a modern version would not feature a map table.

Aviatrix said...

This is an excellent blog to which I intend to return, only partly to prove that I can write things like that without actually being a spam robot.

minerva @ park city real estate said...

It's great news to know about South Sudan being in the map already! :) iPhone really will always show you first. :)