Thursday, November 13, 2014


Sometimes a poorly colored map makes it difficult to distinguish land and water. What if they were reversed?  "Swap dirt and water" and you get Inversia.

Of course, it's not that simple. Creator Chris Wayan lays down a series of ground rules. For example, the most shallow ocean areas would become depressions that would fill up with rain water. This results in a series of lakes and seas in the middle of the oceans. These are important to the ecosystem of Inversia because the oceans have become large deserts due to coastal mountains blocking rainfall. The lakes provide much needed water sources for life here.

There are still Andes Mountains and a trench along the west coast of South America but reversed. The Great Lakes have become the Great Isles. Hawaii and the Azores are Seas and the Mariana Trench is now the world's highest mountain range. The web page is full of well thought out descriptions of the life, climate and ecology of Inversia. Enjoying exploring!

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