Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More Map Acquisitions

Map Acquistions - Part Two

Central Leningrad from a city guide by Intourist,  travel service of the U.S.S.R, circa 1976.
Another view of Leningrad, Falk plans, Hamburg, Germany, 1976.
A very schematic map of Moscow from Intourist.
Tourist map of Milan - the eye watering color scheme and overly fussy level of detail make it a treat to try and read.
Bus guide-Barnet, North London
A "Parking Disc" for North Yorkshire - set the time of arrival and display on your windscreen. Fail to display the disc and you have "committed an offence."
Hughes Airwest map of Guadalajara,
and Puerto Vallarta
Here's something I haven't come across before - an uncredited map. There is no publishing info but here's the cover.
There are some nice details on it,
 with this odd inset - I guess showing the extent of streets in 1947. Except where they masked them under "San Francisco"
Finally, a personal favorite since I vacation here, "Damariscotta Boxes the Compass" a map with a ridiculously prominent compass.

The houses and churches are drawn so large you can't tell where they're located. This is from the Damariscotta Information Bureau - we still use their maps but they are much more legible these days.


Joshua said...

The "Parking Disc" is very common here in Germany, known as a "Parkscheibe." You set the disc to the closest half hour you parked your car and put it on your dashboard.

Dug said...

They still use these things? Wow!

Joshua said...

On the street, I would say you find more often parking machines, but in a supermarket parking lot you would often use the Parkscheibe.