Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Thirty Day Map Challenge 2022 - Days 25-30

Here’s the final group of maps!

Day 25 - Two Color

When I saw the two color category, I immediately thought of “Black and Yellow” by Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa. I’m not sure why but I went with it. As a native Philadelphian I’m supposed to hate all things Pittsburgh but I like how they have a color code that their sports teams follow. I don’t think any other major city has that. 

This map is similar in style and technique to Day 4’s green map of Greenville. One could argue that this is really a one color map, go ahead if you want.

Day 26 - Islands

Like day 25, I just went with my first thought. I don’t know Indonesia very well and as the world’s fourth largest country by population, a little knowledge can’t hurt. I decided to go with simple shapes as much as I could while also trying to represent that several islands are split among other nations, where the shapes needed cutting. 

Day 27 - Music

This should be pretty self-explanatory if you know the songs. The place names are written as they are sung so that is why some have state names and other don’t.

Day 28 - 3D, Day 29 - “Out of my comfort zone”

3D mapping is out of my comfort zone so while I did post separate maps for each day they were both done using the same data set. I used Blender, a wonderful, but also difficult software package and grabbed a digital elevation model of Madagascar. As shown in the above image the island appears to be sinking into the Indian Ocean. This is due to a combination of a model that needs more work and my own Blender knowledge limitations. I think a bit of 30 day map challenge fatigue was also beginning to take its toll on these maps.

For Day 29 I posted this animation of me flailing about in Blender, trying to figure out which side of the model looks better. 

I found a way to carve out a piece of island (the northwestern Boeny region) that looks sort of not bad. 

Credits to Klas Karlsson and Daniel Huffman for their very helpful tutorials on Blender.

Day 30 - Remix

Similar to Day 20’s “Map of my Favorite Maps”, here is a map of the maps. They’re not all shown as some areas are too small and some have overlapping geographies. I used a few 2021 maps to fill in some empty spaces.

It’s been another mostly fun but also exhausting ride. I need to focus now on everything else I’ve been ignoring in my life and get some sleep. Be back (maybe) next year.


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